Tokyu Hands

This is the most unique DIY (Do It Yourself) store in the world.

Tokyu Hands 01

Tokyu Hands is a hardware store, but they sell lots of things. Even if you are not looking for something specific, it is just fun to look around the store!

The store is inside Times Square, the building next to south east part of Shinjyuku Station.

Tokyu Hands 02There are some entrances. This is the main entrance for Tokyu Hands.

Tokyu Hands 04This is travel section right after the entrance. Do you know Japanese are famous for well-organized as George Clooney said in the movie “Up in the Air”? You can find the secrets here.

Tokyu Hands 03These are tools for repairing shoes. They are basically selling tools and materials.

Tokyu Hands 05They have toys related to the universe.

Tokyu Hands 06Clocks and interior lights.

Tokyu Hands 07There are various soy sources. They say the one to the right goes well with ice cream… I don’t think so.

Tokyu Hands 08Hmm. Very Japanese. Good place for buying souvenirs!

Tokyu Hands 09This floor is for beauty and health. I don’t know exactly what these are for, but I’m pretty sure women can enjoy shopping in Tokyu Hands too!

Tokyu Hands Shinjyuku (location)

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