How to know new articles automatically

Are you checking my blog everyday? Do you remember which articles you have read? It is not the right way to check if there are new articles by using a browser. Please use RSS to save your time and effort!

RSS logoRSS (Rich Site Summary) is a function that checks if you have new articles you have not yet read, and your browser must have it. To check if your browser has this function or not, simply click the following link.

RSS Feed

RSS 01 FirefoxIf you are using Firefox, this dialog appears. Click “Subscribe” and a link appears on the tab. It is for free, of course!

RSS 02 FirefoxThese are articles of my blog. There are two icons. They show if you have read the articles or not.

RSS 03 IEIf you are using Internet Explorer, this dialog appears. Click “Subscribe This Feed” and a dialog appears.

RSS 04 IEClick “Subscribe”.

RSS 05 IENow you can see my blog. But IE is not useful so much. IE tells how many unreaded articles you have when you move the mouse cursor on the list, but once you click on it, IE shows all the articles no mattar if you have read or not, and counts all the shown articles as read.

If you are using Safari or Google Chrome, give up! XD They don’t support RSS.

Use “NewsFlash” if your device is iPhone or iPad. NewsFlash is an application for subscribing RSS. There are lots of applications which read RSS, but I recommend NewsFlash because it works standalone and never uses Google Reader.

Google Reader is a service provided by Google. It is a web-based RSS service like Google Mail, and they don’t officially say that they don’t collect any information when you use it. Using Goolgle’s service is totally your choice, but remember. You are under Google’s control.

For your information, There exists a keyboard that can show RSS feeds!

RSS 06 G13This is a keyboard that let you type multiple keys at the same time. For example, I configure [Shift]+[Alt]+[a] to [G1] key for Games or Excel.

RSS 07 G13See? There is a display showing RSS feeds that I haven’t read yet. If you press buttons under the display, it shows the contents on the display or your browser!

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