About this blog

Hi! I write about DIY mostly.

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. I can find this word often in hardware stores and Tokyu Hands. The word encourages us to do something without professional’s help. I’d like to do something by myself – it is my nature. I’m full of curiosity in many things.

People comes more and more as I keep posting what I did. I have first used this blog as a communication tool with my friends, but recently (August 2013), there are many people visit via search engines.

Does Tabilog mean anything?

Tabilog stands for travel (tabi) and blog. As it shows literally, I was thinking of writing about travel. It also has a good combination of sounds. There is few articles of travel though LOL. Well, I think my life itself is like a travel.

I write something about Japan too. Japanese culture may be boring to Japanese people, but not to people outside Japan. Yes, Japan is a very unique country in the world.

I write in two languages, Japanese and English. I try to keep both of them mean the same thing, but because of language difference, they can be slightly different. I make mistakes in English too. I may add extra explanations in case people who don’t know the custom very well.


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