Townscape of Puno

Peru Trip and Altitude Sickness

The amazing travel experience in Peru drove me making weather observation system with my Raspberry Pi. I could finally post something related to travel which is the origin of the name of this blog, “タビログ”.


Way to live this epoch

People used to think like this: “If machines took care of daily work for us, we could spend time on what we want do.” Time has passed. Housekeeping and simple works are done by machines. We don’t need to prepare water and firewood. We don’t need to use carriages anymore.

Kigatame Ace

How to paint Kigatame Ace

Have you heard a paint named “Kigatame Ace”? This paint is used not only for DIY lovers but also professionals who maintain cultural properties.

How to paint Osmo – with sample photos

I have painted Washin water-based urethane varnish and Watco oil finishes, but there is one paint I hadn’t tryed – Osmo. The reason is simple. They are expensive! I paid to know why.