Silencing Hard Disk Drives

I excluded the noise from my hard disk drives (HDDs).

Silent Hdd 01

There are two types of noise. One is “crisp”, and another one is buzz. The crisp noise doesn’t bother me, but the buzz noise bothers me a lot. It comes from disks inside a HDD, so I excluded the noise by covering it.

Silent Hdd 02

This is what I used. Its name is Otonasheet, meaning silent and sheet.

Silent Hdd 03

Otonasheet is a rubber sheet which looks like lead. One sheet can cover two HDDs.

Silent Hdd 04

Put the sheet to my HDD.

Silent Hdd 05

…and wrap it. The sheet can be bended easily. The folded part breaks and falls into pieces.

Silent Hdd 06

The side is also need to be covered carefully.

Silent Hdd 07

Expose the connectors outside.

Silent Hdd 08

Don’t forget to put a label on it especially if you consist RAID. Write down at least the product number and the serial number.

Silent Hdd 09

This is a HDD bay. I recommend a PC case which has an unmountable HDD bay. Can you see the black tapes? Fix HDDs with these tapes instead of screws. These tapes are available at mountain sports stores. There are tapes made from cloth and rubber. You can choose whichever you prefer.

Silent Hdd 10

I attached HDDs.

Silent Hdd 11

Put the bay back. This excludes the noise a lot!

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