Asakusa is the biggest sightseeing place in Tokyo.

Asakusa 01

Asakusa 02

Tokyo Sky Tree has finally open this Summer. You can take a picture with both the gate and the tower together!

Asakusa 03

There is a very nice tourist information center at the other side of Kaminarimon gate. Hmm, the government is seriously thinking of making visitors more!

Asakusa 04

The view from the 2nd floor of the tourist information center.

Asakusa 05

Typical Japanese cake store. Senbei is a fried rice with soy source on it.

Asakusa 06

Sushi candol!  Sakuramoci, Daifuku, Ohagi… All are very popular sweets in Japan.

Asakusa 07

Small bags made of probably Kimono clothes. I bought some last time and found that they are very useful because they have each color, Japanese traditional marks, and they don’t make noise then I open and close.

Asakusa 08

This is an umbrella store. Have you ever seen a store which sells only umbrellas? I bought a fabric of umbrella to make a cover of my backpack.

Asakusa 09

Inside the store.

Asakusa (location)

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