Kappabashi (かっぱ橋道具街) is located just 15 minutes from Asakisa, but this place is more interesting!

Kappabashi 01

Kappabashi 02

This is what the street looks like. Some stores are open only on weekdays because their main customers are cooks.

Kappabashi 03

Lots of pots and pans.

Kappabashi 04

These pans are for Oyako Don (Egg and Chicken Don). Oyako means parents and children. Oyako Don sounds scary to me…

Kappabashi 05

Nice and neat stores are usually for tourists. They sell good things too.

Kappabashi 06

Dish store.

Kappabashi 07

One Miso Soup bowl is just for 350 yen. Wodden bowl with Urushi paint is usually expensive. By the way, “to japan” means to paint with Urushi. Did you know that?

Kappabashi 08

A knife store.

Kappabashi 09

I don’t know what these are for. Oh, I remember. These are for cutting tuna fish!

If you buy knives, they sharpen as much as you like.

You can touch knives. Find one which has a good balance between the edge and handle. Be careful not to point toward other people!

Look at that! Is that armor for sale?

Zwilling is a company of Germany. They sell knives made in both Germany and Japan.

Kappabashi 14

Wow. These are all for making coffee. The one in front is huge!

Kappabashi 15

These Japanese lanterns are good for souvenirs also.

Kappabashi 16

They sell plates and order holders.

Kappabashi 17

Plastic containers for Bento.

Kappabashi 18


Kappabashi 19

Paper for taking order.

Kappabashi 20

Pots for professional use.

Kappabashi 21

A huge rice cooker. I think this is for demonstration only. The place says “Certificate for making rice in traditional way.”

Kappabashi 22

Cook wares.

Kappabashi 23


Kappabashi 24

External displays and menu boards.

Kappabashi 25

Another menu board store.

Kappabashi 26A chair store.

Kappabashi 27

Machines for processional. Most of them are slicers.

Kappabashi 28Gas stoves for Yakitori and Takoyaki. Yakitori is skewerd chicken, and Takoyaki is octopus pan cake.

Kappabashi 29What do you think this store sells? This is not a cafe. They sell food samples made from wax.

Kappabashi 30Wax samples of fish.

Kappabashi 31Parfaits. These are not prices in Switzerland!

Kappabashi 32They look so real.

Kappabashi 33Key chains are also available.

Kappabashi (location)

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