Results of iPhone and iPad on the same iOS may be different.

I searched on Map by using iPhone 4S and New iPad (3rd generation) on the same iOS, but the result was different.

This is the result on my iPad. Is the 11:41-12:44 the fastest? No. The farstest one is 11:41-12:55 because this uses a bus at the end. Be noticed that the result doesn’t include the time you walk.

I’m used to consider that, but I couldn’t understand why they answered two results – with the bus and without the bus? Also why did the one with the bus came to the top of the list? The results were not supposed to include the time I walk. I searched again with my iPhone just in case and found the result was different.

The 11:41-12:44 route didn’t appear!

I looked at my iPad again.

I couldn’t walk this long!

The result with a bus. OK, I will take a bus and I don’t trust iPad.

I searched again on both devices, but the result didn’t change.

This is the version of my iPad.

And this is the version of my iPhone.

This can prove that Apple writes a code that works differently on different devices. I understand they have to do it sometimes because of hardware differences, but this is not. This is not the altitude that just an application can take.

Now think carefully. Don’t you think Apple gives device information to Google? The hypothetic that one or both of them are using device information for marketing reason can explain clearly what happened to me. This is scared!

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