Blog system changed

My blog system has changed from Movable Type to WordPress.

I was using the latest version of Movable Type (5.12), but it was not user-friendly. Points I didn’t like were follows:

I couldn’t understand how to configure.

I wanted to change the design and location of widgets, but I couldn’t tell where I should have configured.

Movable Type 01

There are templates, widgets, styles and themes in the design tab, but I couldn’t tell the difference of them. I thought I had to choose my theme first, then modify the details, but what is template? And I was in trouble when I clicked on it because whole the source code appeared. What should I have done?

I couldn’t modify the comment setting.

I configured the authentication method as follows so that visitor can leave comments without logging in, but…

Movable Type 02it didn’t change anything.

Movable Type 03I had no idea where I had to configure.

Uploading pictures was too slow.

It took 10 seconds every time for the next window to appear when I clicked on the upload link in the post window. It is too late! The new window KINDLY showed the list of the pictures I uploaded in the past even if I did want to upload a new picture. Also the list contained BOTH pictures and their thumbnails together. If I clicked on a thumbnail by mistake, the system created a thumbnail of that thumbnail. I also had to continue this whole process to upload the next picture. I just couldn’t do it.

Copying and pasting caused the editor unstable.

When I was composing the post and used copying and pasting, the system became unstable. After this happened, when I clicked a word, the system selected the whole paragraph. Once this happened, I needed to restart my browser.

I couldn’t go back from the HTML mode to the WYSIWYG mode

This happened on Firefox 15.0.1, but not on IE9.0.

So, I went to the CMS section of a bookstore and found that lot’s of books were about WordPress. I ran back to home and installed it. Then I knew why. The points are…

  • The menu and configuration are easy.
  • It is easy to upload pictures.
  • I can change the size of thumbnails after uploading.
  • Fast.
  • An application for iPhone and iPad is available so that I can upload pictures from them. (iPhone and iPad can’t upload anything from their browser.)

I pretty like WordPress 😉

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